The Pole wants to jump from 45 km! He dedicates a noble purpose to it


A Pole, Tomasz Kozłowski, wants to break the world record in a parachute jump. His challenge is 45 km. And the goal that guides him is to help the poorest. How does Tomek prepare for this jump ?

In 2012, Felix Baumgartner amazed the world by jumping from a height of 39 km with a parachute. 9.5 million people watched his jump live. Two years later, his record was beaten by Google Vice President Alan Eustace by two kilometers. Now the time has come for Tomasz Kozłowski, who intends to make a 45 km jump. The Pole wants to reach for solutions that his predecessors used.

Once, I want to use a very secure technology that Eustace and two used, make noise all over the world, and also make a lot of money (as was the case with the Baumgartner jump – editor’s note), only to pass it on to those in need.

– said Tomasz.

The goal of breaking the record

During the jump, through a camera placed on the suit, the Pole wants to show how human activity has negatively affected the environment. So we will be able to see huge areas left after tree felling, burned forests, as well as giant islands of garbage in the oceans.



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