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The idea of the project is to conduct the largest global charity campaign in history aimed at supporting climate refugees, including primarily children who have been orphaned and become homeless as a result of cataclysms caused by climate change resulting from human activities.

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About the project

Jump for planet

The main goal of the Project is to organize a system of support

in the largest concentrations of climate refugees – housing modules from which
individual small houses, kindergartens, schools, and even family orphanages will be composed.
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Jump For The Planet is a series of charity and communication activities

through which funds will be collected for the construction of energy-saving modular homes, kindergartens, schools, dormitories
and family orphanages and their transport to places most affected by cataclysms.
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The highlight of the project will be the highest parachute jump in history made from 45 km (148000 ft) by Thomas Kozlowski.

An event like this must and will bring the attention of global media, corporations, and private benefactors, but above all it will represent a collective voice of humanity on the brink of a global climate disaster.

About the project

In numbers

The document „The Global Compact on Refugees” adopted in 2018 by the UN General Assembly warns that climate change and natural disasters resulting from human activities are increasingly driving forced migration and refugee movements.


50 thousand people around the world

have to abandon their homes every day as a result of climate disasters.

50 thousand people around the world
A billion people around the world}
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A billion people around the world

may be forced to leave their homes and emigrate over the next 50 years.

Tomasz Kozłowski Jumps

Campaign initiator

Tomasz Kozłowski
Tomasz Kozłowski Jumps

Tomasz Kozłowski

Experienced skydiver, trainer, psychologist and motivational speaker.

In 2014, with two other skydivers he jumped from the stratosphere out of a hot-air balloon, breaking multiple European skydiving records (10.735 m).
Campaign initiator
12.2014 10735 m the highest jump
In 2017 he jumped 48 times in one day, dedicating each jump to a seriously ill person. The campaign was, in fact, 48 aid campaigns, one for each person he sought help by encouraging people to donate to those in need. He raised more than $50.000 then
Campaign initiator
06.2017 50 jumps in one day
In 2018 he jumped 100 times in one day for the purpose of collecting money ($150.000) for 100 specialized wheelchairs for children in need and those wheelchairs could help to improve their daily lives.
Campaign initiator
06.2018 100 jumps in one day
Tomasz Kozłowski Jumps

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    Lech Walesa

    I have always believed that one man can influence the history of the world for the better.

    Lech Walesa the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Former President of Poland and the first leader of Solidarity.
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    Frans Timmermans

    I fully support this wonderful project! We can save a huge number of refugees!

    Frans Timmermans Executive Vice-President of European Commission
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    Richard Gere

    What a fantastic idea. I am delighted with it and strongly support this project.

    Richard Gere american actor and producer. He won i.a. a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
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    Mieczysław Bieniek

    I fully identify with the goals of this very bold and noble project! It's worth getting involved in this idea!

    Mieczysław Bieniek former NATO Deputy Strategic Commander for Transformation in the Alliance Command in Norfolk, Virginia.

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