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Over the past decade, nearly a quarter of a billion people around the world have been forced to leave their homes as a result of natural disasters and extreme weather events.

Every year more and more natural disasters are caused by climate change resulting from human activities. According to the international humanitarian organization Oxfam, this type of disasters force people to abandon their homes three times more often than armed conflicts. Migration due to extreme disasters and climate change is increasingly becoming the norm that brings the phenomenon of climate refugee and homelessness, social conflicts, but above all the individual tragedies of millions of people around the world.

Direct benefits of the project

  • Systemic help
    in mitigating the effects of climate change forcing mass migrations and getting out of homelessness and climate refugeedom
  • Ensuring safety
    in the event of climate disasters (safety as satisfying one of the basic human needs)
  • Enabling
    education and helping sufferers return to a normal lifestyle including basic services and education
  • Knowledge transfer
    regarding the use and effectiveness of renewable energy sources in the production of houses
  • Raising awareness
    of climate threats resulting from human activities and building an attitude of understanding care for the planet's resources
  • Building an attitude
    of respect for the weak while understanding the need for dependence and coexistence
  • Involvement
    of entire communities in activities for those who are victims of climate change and inspiring more people to act for the planet and support people in need
  • Raising awareness
    of the negative impact of highly developed countries' activities on the fate of the poorest parts of the world

Indirect objectives

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How do we operate?

  • 1
    Historic parachute jump
    from 45 kilometers
    made by Thomas Kozlowski, which is to attract the attention of millions of people around the world and engage the world of science, business and media
  • 2
    Events with the participation of the biggest music and sport stars on climate threats arising from human activities and shaping the attitude of care for planet resources
  • 3
    Cooperation with the most important non-governmental organizations dealing with the problems of the consequences of climate change and supporting refugees
  • 4
    Using the latest technologies (AI, AR, VR) to create tools that pay attention to the fate of those who bear the direct consequences of climate change
  • 5
    International architectural competitions for the development of modular house designs used to organize the material base system
  • 6
    Help campaigns in social media building the reach of the whole action and increasing awareness of the climate problem of refugees
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Constant carbon tax calculations are carried out during the project implementation. After completing all activities, separate funds will be obtained specifically to cover the damage that will result from the consumption of energy needed for all activities.

Support us

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    Lech Walesa

    I have always believed that one man can influence the history of the world for the better.

    Lech Walesa the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Former President of Poland and the first leader of Solidarity.
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    Frans Timmermans

    I fully support this wonderful project! We can save a huge number of refugees!

    Frans Timmermans Executive Vice-President of European Commission
  • background image
    Richard Gere

    What a fantastic idea. I am delighted with it and strongly support this project.

    Richard Gere american actor and producer. He won i.a. a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
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    Mieczysław Bieniek

    I fully identify with the goals of this very bold and noble project! It's worth getting involved in this idea!

    Mieczysław Bieniek former NATO Deputy Strategic Commander for Transformation in the Alliance Command in Norfolk, Virginia.